Local Love Blog Series – Sarah Freeman Coaching

Welcome back to the Local Love Blog Series!  

I’m excited to share this week’s feature with you all highlighting the great Sarah Freeman from Sarah Freeman Coaching

Sarah is a woman who wears many hats, and looks great in all of them! 

Self-identifying as a wife, step-mum, life coach, endurance swimmer, 3x podcast host, Fearless Warrior Swim Squad coach, lover of coffee, constant music listener, and dog mom to adorable Leo, it’s easy to see that Sarah leads a busy but fulfilled life. In her business, she primarily helps women in their 30s and 40s, as well as adult swimmers. 

Sarah seamlessly blends her life coaching and swim coaching tactics to inspire those around her. 

As a dreamer with lofty goals, she’s not afraid to put things into action and work hard to achieve them. She often sees things before others do, which has given her a grounded and wise perspective of life. Sarah spends more time listening to those around her than they often realize, which allows her to pick up on all the subtleties of our motivations and barriers. By experimenting with her own human design as a projector, specifically with her swimming athletes, Sarah can share her knowledge with like-minded, active women. 

Sarah Freeman Coaching includes a variety of services all designed to guide women. 

Her life coaching branch is called RAW, for Rad Active Women, which focuses on guiding women to stand in their power, set healthy boundaries, own their voice, and inspire more action for themselves and those around them. Within this, she also offers RAW masterclasses and a RAW podcast! But that’s not all, Sarah is also an adult swim coach with 10+ years of experience. With options for private swim coaching, small group coaching, or joining the full-on Fearless Warrior Swim Squad, Sarah is guiding swimmers through not just the technique of swimming but also the emotional and mental space it takes to be effective and successful – whatever that might look like to you. 

All of this started from Sarah’s dream of starting a swim squad in the Bow Valley. 

As an avid and experienced swimmer herself, Sarah originally created the swim squad to target open-water swimmers and triathletes. She’s even doing her own training for endurance open-water swims and has realized her dream of bringing a Fearless Warrior 1900m Swim Event to Elevation Place this May 8th (registration is open now!) Evolving her business to include life coaching, Sarah loves the freedom and creativity her job provides her, along with the ability to set her own schedule. 

The most rewarding part of Sarah’s work is seeing the women she works with diving into their dreams and owning their voice. 

She loves getting to meet new people and helping them achieve their goals, be it in the pool or on dry land! Her passion is really influencing other women to step into their brave, badass, big-hearted selves! Sarah finds a lot of inspiration for her work from doing what fascinates her and sharing it with others. She loves learning from like-minded women who are a step ahead of her. Lately, she’s professionally looked up to Jak and Rob from For The Wild Femme, and Siri Lindley

Sarah officially launched her business in 2018 but had been at it much earlier than that! 

With over 10 years of swim coaching experience and having started her life coaching journey in 2016, Sarah is armed with all sorts of great experience and wisdom. Today she continues to inspire others to take action, which includes influencing and supporting her two step-daughters to keep growing into the amazing young women they are already becoming! Sarah absolutely loves what she does and thrives on seeing other women owning their voice in the world. 

Sarah had plenty of local love to dish out herself! 

Starting with a few badass women she loves, she had to mention Joelle Scott from Joelle Design Co. and Tatiana from Beads + Babes. Sarah is also a huge supporter of Alberta’s Own Marketplace, CanMore Together, RNEST Endurance, and Elevation Place. She also loves her partnerships with Kristy Wolfe and Andria Lauren, her co-hosts on the RAW Collective Podcast, her swim partners Katrina Rosen and Lisa Guest, and Jordan Bryden for being a kick-ass coach! 

As a young girl (like 6-months young!) Sarah’s mum put Sarah on her very first horse and her love for horses first started. 

Through this, Sarah’s mum passed along lessons of independence, love for nature, and compassion for humans and animals. Years later, these important lessons still stick with Sarah and for these reasons, she strongly believes in the amazing work being done at the Believe Ranch and Rescue in Boulder, Colorado. Here they rescue horses from abuse and neglect and give them a much-deserved second chance at life through medical care, training, and lots of love. 

Throughout her own journey and business, Sarah has learned a lot of important lessons. 

Most importantly, she now knows the importance of rest and taking care of herself so she can show up as her best self for others around her. Without this, she wouldn’t be able to share her wisdom with the world. She encourages everyone to spend a little more time listening and empowering each other to be the best versions of themselves they can be. 

So, whether you have big swim goals or life goals, next time you’re looking for a little guidance be sure to give Sarah a call! Her passion for learning, empowering, and seeing other women own their growth and voice is the perfect recipe for success. Also, be sure to follow her on Instagram and Facebook for regular pump-up inspiration and find out more about her full services online

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