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Welcome back to the Local Love Blog Series!

I’ve been really excited to share this feature with you for a long time and I’m so glad to have the opportunity to finally share with you the amazing story of Hayley Molina, co-owner of Banff Yoga Practice and Banff Wellness Practice

Established in February 2020, Hayley and her co-founder, Emily Gionis, have managed to succeed against all odds (namely COVID, of course)! 

Hayley’s passion is helping others find peace and connection with their mind, body and spirit through which they can become the best versions of themselves. She’s a woman of many talents, including a Registered Massage Therapist, Reiki Master and teacher, a Cranio Sacral Therapist, Yoga and Meditation teacher, and Birth Educator. 

Hayley’s approach to her work sets her apart from other therapists. 

She chooses to lead her practice and teachings by seeing the good in people. By being intentional with her words and actions, Hayley is able to come from the heart in seeing people through a trauma-informed approach and create a safe space for anyone who walks through the door of the studio. 

Hayley always wanted to open a wellness practice and Emily always wanted to open a yoga studio – together they make the perfect pair!

The yoga studio provides a space for anyone seeking a space to connect with the community and themselves in a grounded practice focused on personal development. The wellness studio is perfect for healing practices that target a wide range of clients from those dealing with trauma, those recovering from injuries and concussions, and those seeking physical and spiritual treatment to create healing and balance in their lives.

Fueled by a steady mindset and a seemingly never-ending amount of energy, Hayley sees the world and life as full of opportunities! 

With a stacked schedule at the yoga practice providing tons of options for students of all experience levels, they have also recently reintroduced rooftop yoga classes, outdoor yoga at the Juniper, and host 12 live virtual classes per week! Whether it’s through an enriching yoga class, a valuable workshop, or a healing therapeutic treatment, Hayley loves being able to support locals in the community and beyond! 

Community is really at the heart of what Hayley is doing with the Banff Yoga Practice and the Banff Wellness Practice. 

Not only have Hayley and Emily built a great crew of supporters of their businesses, but they are truly feeling a strong sense of community that is constantly growing and building stronger connections. They’ve created a space where it’s okay to show up as you are and know that’s enough. Seeing students progress and grow in their yoga practice and mindfulness is one of the most satisfying parts of their work. 

Originally from the Gold Coast, Australia and now based in Banff with her family, Hayley has big dreams to offer services globally. 

Obviously, the easiest way for them to achieve a global reach is with live virtual classes so that people across the world can access an amazing practice and infuse the energy of the Banff Yoga Practice right into their own homes. As things open up as well, Hayley and Emily are looking forward to hosting their next international yoga retreats in Greece, Costa Rica, and Australia. 

Raising her two beautiful daughters with her husband, Marcos, Hayley has become a key part of the Banff and Bow Valley community. With that, she’s got a lot of amazing Local Love shout-outs to make! 

First up hits close to home since Hayley had to make sure she mentioned her husband and amazing oil painter, Marcos Molina. She also loves Clare McCann from Bikescape Mountain Bike and Winter Adventures, Mystee Maisonet of Om Cooking and Jen Butterweck from dRSTiBanff. Three local small businesses Hayley wanted to shout out are Paper Road Studio, Botega Hair Salon, and Westrock Jean Co. When it comes to a charity or cause, Hayley’s focus is on anything that supports the environment from the David Suzuki Foundation to True North Aid, an organization that provides practical humanitarian assistance to northern and remote Indigenous communities in Canada. 

In the last couple of years through building a business and raising two teenagers during COVID, Hayley has taken the opportunity to learn as much as she could. 

This includes learning to be flexible with her goals, intentions, and expectations. She’s been grateful to have the surrounding mountains and fresh air to take advantage of when she needed a break the most and feel the rejuvenation of the outdoors. She’s recognized the toll these tough times have taken on her teenage daughters but is proud to see how resilient they both are. 

Moving forward, she hopes to see more people practice yoga and prioritize taking care of themselves and their surroundings. Hayley wishes to see more protection of wildlife and fauna in the Bow Valley, which includes seeing a shift in our collective mentality to reduce the need for consumption and protect the environment and the earth. 

So next time you’re in Banff looking for a spot to practice or are just curious about what the Banff Yoga Practice and Banff Wellness Practice are up to, make sure to pop your head in! Don’t forget to follow both channels on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with the latest classes, workshops and healing sessions. And if you see Hayley around town, be sure to say hello! 

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