Local Love Blog Series – Sauvage

Welcome back to the Local Love Blog Series!

I’m looking forward to sharing this week’s feature on one of Canmore’s most innovative and creative chefs, Tracy Little from Sauvage

Tracy’s perfect customer is someone looking for adventure, to make beautiful memories, and ready to eat delicious food. 

Inspired by the likes of Rene Redzepi, Wyle Dufresne, and Thomas Keller, Tracy is obsessive about doing her best in all her endeavours. After rebranding and reimagining the restaurant, Sauvage now offers the most intimate form of dining focused on foraging local ingredients that most people haven’t even heard of! 

Tracy takes her customers on an adventure with every bite in every dish. 

Motivated by providing the absolute best experience that she can and using her surroundings as her inspiration, Tracy opens the eyes of diners to local ingredients that they are likely unaware even existed, especially in an edible form! 

Sauvage serves as Tracy’s safe place to express herself fully and share that with others. 

Using the kitchen as her playground, she lets her child-like imagination run free and explores how she can put together the most delicious creations daily. Ultimately, she’s been working incredibly hard to create an entirely unique experience for Canmore and the Bow Valley – something you won’t find anywhere else. 

Always bringing a playful and imaginative approach to food, Tracy brought this feeling to the kitchen in a unique opportunity. 

When Tracy worked up north at a remote fishing camp, she was limited to scheduled deliveries of ingredients with the closest grocery store being a mere 800 km away. Given the realities of remote living and cooking, Tracy brought her creativity to the kitchen by using ingredients that grew in the area in the kitchen. 

Tracy has big dreams and goals for her career and for Sauvage! 

She hopes to be able to make a national mark for our community with her work and Sauvage. Obsessed with using colours, textures, and flavours, Tracy loves taking a wild ingredient that has a familiar flavour and incorporating it into a dish in a nostalgic way. 

Originally from Fort McMurray, Tracy is happy to now call the Bow Valley home. 

In Tracy’s early 20s, she found herself working in front of house at a restaurant where she discovered the magic of the kitchen. Watching the chef and cooks move around the kitchen like a choreographed dance, she found herself hooked to the experience and felt the opportunity to feed the fire she felt inside to pursue her culinary passion. 

As a strong advocate for our community, Tracy has lots of local love to share! 

This starts with shout-outs to head chef at Crazyweed Kitchen, Eden Hrabec, and amazing photographers Georgi Silckerodt, and Kris Lowes. She also wanted to shed some light on Project A Shop and Where the Buffalo Roam. She also wanted to bring attention to two amazing organizations that are doing incredible work supporting those in need, Spirit North and The Skipping Stone Foundation

It’s no hidden fact that the hospitality industry was among the hardest hit by the pandemic, which made the past couple of years the most brutal but also the most beautiful for Tracy and her team.

They are grateful for the amazing recognition they’ve been given so far! 

Being one of the only places in our busy tourist town that offers a tasting menu can be a challenge, especially when customers show up not expecting it however it’s all part of the immersive and extraordinary experience they offer. Tracy hopes to invigorate a little bit of life into the dining experience of her customers. She hopes to see people shift away from seeing food as being a simple source of sustenance to really experiencing good food and creating an all-around sense of nourishment for the soul and body. 

Be sure to check out the most unique dining experience around by stopping by for an incredible meal at Sauvage. Let Tracy’s imaginative menu take you on a tour of what we have locally at our fingertips brought together in a way only an expert can. You can make a reservation online and follow along with Tracy’s culinary journey on Facebook and Instagram

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