Thank you so much for your interest in the Local Love Blog Series, hosted by Lou Doyon Freelance (LDF)! We are so excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with you!

So, what is the Local Love Blog Series?

In short, we’re going to highlight local artists/artisans, businesses, and creatives in the Bow Valley every week. A longer blog will be posted here every week, where we’ll dive deep into each featured Bow Valley local! This will be paired with some shorter, fun, and interactive social content so make sure you’re following us on Instagram.

Why should you get involved?

Well, if the past year has taught us nothing else, it’s that shopping local is so important. But at the same time, things like COVID, the BLM movement, and a stronger sense of social justice and responsibility, has triggered a sense of wanting to know that the businesses we support as consumers align with our own personal morals and ethics.

This is the perfect way to show off all the elements of you or your business that you don’t often get to. It’s a great way to connect with customers and clients in a unique way, while giving them a glimpse into what you’re all about!

Now, what does this all look like?

LDF will post your blog post between Tues-Thurs of your designated week. You will be sent a draft of the blog post no later than 2 days prior to posting, and any changes or edits you may have will need to be sent back no later than 24 hours prior to posting.

Leading up to this, we will post 1-2 teaser posts and 4+ teaser stories on Instagram promoting your collaboration with LDF and the Local Love Blog Series. If you would like to do your own promo, that’s amazing! Just let us know so we can make sure to work together to ensure everything stays on brand and works for both of us!

What’s needed from you?

If you’re interested in being a feature collaborator, we’ll send you a shared Google Doc with a ton of questions to answer! Ideally, you’ll answer all of them with lots of detail (the more in-depth you get, the easier the whole process will be).

You’ll also provide us with 4 – 6 images to use for promo and throughout the blog post, including at least one headshot of you or the key members of your business. The headshot can be professional, or just a great selfie that you love – anything that shows us your smiling face!

As mentioned, LDF will post the teasers and promos on Instagram as your blog post approaches. From there, your responsibility is to share these on your social channels and tag @loudoyonfreelance, that’s it!

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