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The Wick’d Candles

Welcome back to the Local Love Blog Series

If you’re a fan of colourful labels and delightful scents, our Local Love feature this week will be right up your alley. We’re thrilled to be giving some love to Samira (Sam) of The Wick’d Candles!

These candles don’t just smell amazing… 

Made from 100% vegan, coconut soy wax with zero paraffin or preservatives, Sam’s candles are systematically taking over bathtub trays, side tables, and offices all over the Bow Valley. The Wick’d Candles also use phthalate- or toxic-free fragrance oils, and wooden wicks made from cherry wood which are sustainably sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-Certified Mills. 

 Every detail in her candles is carefully selected for maximum enjoyment! 

Sam’s favourite part of the candle-making process is testing fragrances. She loves putting together the most random or contrasting fragrances, only to find that together they smell amazing! From there, she finds the rest of the process incredibly relaxing. There’s a sense of calm in making the candles, designing the labels, brainstorming and picking the candle names and finally taking photos to get each candle ready to sell! 

A sense of calm was exactly what Sam was looking for when she started The Wick’d Candles. 

While work-from-home was becoming the new normal in the fall of 2020, Sam was finding less and less separation between her work and personal life. Eventually, it all came to a breaking point when she realized a little bit of time for some self-care was needed. Immediately, candles caught her attention as a perfect hobby and great product to sell locally. Now Sam hopes to help someone else focus on their own self-care a little bit each time they light one of her candles. 

Originally from India, it’s safe to say that winter in Canmore isn’t Sam’s favourite season!

She has openly admitted to not being a naturally outdoorsy person and prefers to hibernate throughout the winter, especially when it gets bitterly cold. But, while growing up with tropical weather and a beach right around the corner was incredible, Sam is now a proud Bow Valley homeowner who doesn’t go one day without being in awe of the Rocky Mountains. 

Ever since she can remember, Sam has had a candle in every room of her house.

But as she started doing more research and spending time walking around the shops of Canmore with her husband, she realized that there wasn’t really a local candle maker creating cleaner, greener, eco-friendly products. Being curious by nature and a life-long learner, Sam dove into figuring out how to make eco-friendly candles with as many sustainable and Canadian ingredients as possible! She spent weeks experimenting with fragrances, testing her first few candles, and talking to other Canadian candle makers to get an idea of how to start. 

In February 2021, The Wick’d Candles opened for business! 

Now Sam has a dozen different candles available on her Etsy shop and she’s still experimenting with more fragrances, including some subtle or scent-free options. While her most popular candles are the Eucalyptus Spearmint, Tahitian Vanilla & Lavender, and Lemongrass & Vanilla fragrances, Sam also holds a special spot in her heart for the Blood Orange & Agave candle. She’s even released a new fragrance to celebrate the warmer season called Summer Slush which is a watermelon and lemon candle. 

Sam’s dream is to see The Wick’d Candles in every house throughout the Bow Valley. 

She’s also hopeful to get more support from local store owners where she could sell her products in a retail store environment. Owning and operating a small business has been an exhilarating, albeit tough, experience but she finds inspiration from the many amazing female-owned businesses in the Bow Valley. 

Speaking of which, Sam is passionate about supporting local businesses while still keeping a connection to her home country. 

She hopes to soon be able to contribute a portion of her sales from The Wick’d Candles to a charity that she passionately believes in. GiveIndia is an online donation platform that supports various programs and non-profit organizations dedicated to fighting inequality throughout India. Sam particularly supports GiveIndia’s Every Girl In School mission, which aims to provide young girls the fundamental right to education that so many don’t have access to in India. 

So what’s next for The Wick’d Candles?

More amazing fragrances, of course! She has and is working on several custom candles, as well as getting more traction around the Bow Valley in general. The candles make for great gifts for weddings, birthdays, business events, and more!

So next time you’re looking for a little self-care splurge or want to treat someone special in your life, go check out The Wick’d Candles on Etsy and make sure you’re following all of Sam’s endeavours on Instagram and Facebook

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