Local Love Blog Series –
Poppy Flower Works

Welcome back to the Local Love Blog Series!

This week’s feature is guaranteed to make you look around your space and plan to pick up some beautiful flowers from the Canmore Mountain Market on Thursday. We’re so excited to feature Robyn Buzzee from Poppy Flower Works

It’s easy to get lost in the beauty of Robyn’s amazing creations. 

Taking some time to scroll through the Poppy Flower Works website or Instagram allows for a few minutes of pure bliss and beauty.  It also makes you wonder when was the last time you treated yourself to beautiful flowers? If it’s been a while, then this is your sign to pick up an arrangement. 

With all kinds of arrangements available, Robyn provides easy access to beautiful flowers. 

Robyn can create anything from wedding arrangements to custom centerpieces for any occasion. She also sells dried wreaths and bouquets, as well as amazing mason jar arrangements. There’s even a Summer Flower Subscription that will start on July 1, 2021 and run for 6 weeks (check it out here)!

Flowers bring Robyn so much joy and this is what she hopes to share with everyone around her. 

Having worked with flowers since her early twenties, Robyn has plenty of experience and knowledge driving her creations. She spent some time managing the floral department of a grocery store, which exposed Robyn to what she calls the “darker side” of the industry. She recognized the environmental impact of flowers being sourced from overseas and the preservatives used to keep them fresher for longer. 

Through that experience, Robyn developed a passion for sustainable gardening and floristry. 

With an education background in fine arts, and a passion for learning everything she could about sustainable floristry and flower farming, Robyn was in the perfect position to get going. Poppy Flower Works is now able to offer ecologically sustainable flower arrangements grown using local, organic, compostable practices. 

Robyn’s business launched in January 2020 after a whole year of planning and preparation!

Eager to create a career where she could work for herself and be happy long-term, opening Poppy Flower Works seemed to be the perfect solution. Robyn is also a mom to a beautiful little girl and knew that she wanted to make her schedule as flexible as possible to spend time with her. 

Robyn is now growing her own flowers locally in Canmore!

You can find her in the greenhouse with earbuds listening to podcasts or around town with a pair of shears in her back pocket, because you never know when you might need to cut a plant! The passion Robyn has for plants and flowers is so apparent in her work. She continues to learn about floristry and sustainability, and explore with new techniques and blooms which motivates her to keep going! 

Currently she works primarily close to home in Canmore. 

However, Robyn loves the idea of travelling a bit for flower deliveries, especially around the Bow Valley! With family in places like Medicine Hat and Lethbridge, there is hope to see Poppy Flower Works get established there as well. 

Being raised in Canmore, Robyn had plenty of Local Love to share as well! 

Her grandmother, Marilyn, is the amazing watercolour painter behind Kinsella Art Studio, and Robyn also loves the work Katie Borrowman is doing at Of Cabbages and Kings.   She was also keen to shout out two wonderful ladies doing Reiki: Christi Adari of Rockies Reiki, and Krista Callachan of @littlehandshealing. She made sure to acknowledge Mixed Culture Beer Shop for the best beer selection in Canmore, and a true local’s spot, Rusticana Grocery, for having great local products! Lastly, Robyn has partnered with Liberty Clothing and Wildheart Canmore, where you can find some of her arrangements!

Despite still being a new business, the past year has been the best yet!

In the past couple of years, Robyn has learned that she’s not going to win them all but that’s okay. She’s overcome imposter syndrome and is now running a thriving business spreading beauty all over the Bow Valley. 

It’s easy to find Robyn around town for your dose of flowers! 

When we asked her what she wished people did more regularly, she answered with “Buy flowers for themselves!” So, with that, make sure to go find Poppy Flower Works on Thursdays at the Canmore Mountain Market, visit her website shop to purchase an arrangement and brighten your day, and follow Robyn on Instagram @poppyflowerworks!

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