Local Love Blog Series –
Remedy Skincare & Spa

We’re so excited to be featuring Renee Evans from Remedy Skincare & Spa on this week’s Local Love Blog Series

Renee has built a space for her clients to prioritize self-care while better understanding and improving their skincare. Remedy offers facials, HydraFacials, microneedling, dermaplaning, waxing, facial acupuncture, and therapeutic massage. All of their Advanced Aesthetics are relaxing while also being result-oriented. 

Continuous learning is key to the success of Remedy.

Renee ensures that her staff are encouraged to stay up to date with the latest technologies and techniques through training and workshops. This allows them to offer unparalleled services in a completely unique manner to Remedy. Part of this continuous education that Renee strives to provide is inspired by companies like Eve Wellness, whose mission is to educate women about their hormones. 

The experience at Remedy doesn’t end when your treatment does. 

Remedy has an amazing lounge or rooftop patio set up for clients to relax and let the benefits of their treatment set in. Renee’s favourite part of Remedy is connecting with their clients while helping them better understand their skin and providing a space to truly relax and bask in some self-care. 

Renee is originally from Aotearoa (Māori for New Zealand)! 

There she studied advanced aesthetics after secondary school, and moved to Banff afterwards in 2012. When she couldn’t find her ideal fit with existing spas that aligned with her vision, Renee saw a gap in the market where there was an opportunity to create something special to offer. After receiving Permanent Residency in Canada, Renee was confident about what her life in the Rockies was meant to look like, and that began with Remedy.

Remedy first started in the Bear Street Mall in Banff in 2018.

However, in December 2020 Renee had the opportunity to change it up and completely design a new space for her business. In February 2021, Remedy relocated to a new location in Harmony Lane where they are now offering their services. 

Although COVID was especially difficult on services that Remedy offers, Renee considers herself overall fortunate. 

The growth they saw before COVID allowed for Remedy to make the move to Harmony Lane, expand the team, and add more service offerings. Renee is thankful for all the opportunities from the past year, including focusing on the renovations and move to a new location, as well as taking some time to rest during the imposed closures. 

Renee has high hopes for the future of small businesses in the Bow Valley. 

With more small businesses opening up around the community, she hopes to see rent prices be affordable enough for these small, locally owned businesses to stay open.

In turn, she hopes to see more people choose to support local as more services and offerings are becoming available close to home. 

With that, Renee wanted to make sure she gave a well-earned shout-out to the following locals doing amazing work! 

Mystee Maisonett from Om Cooking Banff has created delicious vegan creations including the Dandelion Latte served post-treament at Remedy. Julie Kapuscinki from Glowfood Creamery provides the Seabuckthorn, Out, and Argan Oils for Remedy. Willow Flower Co. are creating stunning floral arrangements ideal to bring a bit of beauty to any occasion or space. 

Renee also wanted to send some Local Love to Beatnik for the sense of community they are working to create, Wildheart for their adaptiveness to online classes in bite-sized workouts perfect for busy schedules, and Erin Evans for her presence in the community as a yoga teacher and leader of Yoga Teacher Training and Life Coaching. Lastly, Renee has huge admiration for the work being done by the YWCA in Banff towards safety, counselling, and support of women. 

And while Remedy has just had a big transformation to their new location, Renee is always dreaming of what’s next! 

This includes new offerings for clients, educational events for women in the community with professional guest speakers on topics such as services and treatments available at Remedy, full body wellness, hormone education, and so on. She truly believes the opportunities for growth at Remedy are unlimited. 

So next time you’re looking to set aside some time for self-care, give yourself a gift by visiting Renee and her team at Remedy Skincare & Spa. You can find all their available services and book your treatments online.  And make sure to keep up with them on Instagram and Facebook for all their latest updates. 

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