Local Love Blog Series – Lighthouse Hair

Welcome back to the Local Love Blog Series

We’re so excited to be featuring another amazing female-owned and operated business in the Bow Valley! Leesa Manchen and Kate Eynon from Lighthouse Hair opened their salon in August 2020 in Canmore. 

These amazing hairstylists and business owners are passionate about creating a space that suits the ultimate mountain life balancing work and play! 

They are advocates for inclusivity and prioritize everyone feeling safe and welcome at their salon. Their dedication to their work is unlike any other, and they are entirely committed to building their clients’ self-confidence and making them feel good about themselves. This is way more than just a job for these ladies. They aren’t just hairstylists, but rather friends who garner trusting relationships with their clients and want the absolute best for them. 

Lighthouse Hair focuses on colour services, but also provides cutting and styling. 

In March 2020, Kate and Leesa saw the opportunity to start their own business. Knowing that working for themselves aligned with their goals, and suddenly having time on their hands to plan their business, these two decided it was time to make some moves. 

It took lots of work and planning to get to opening their doors in August 2020 at their 10th street location in Canmore. 

Not only were they opening a hair salon in the middle of a pandemic, but they were both also working full-time jobs in the meantime. The learning curve was huge for Leesa and Kate, but ultimately their hard work paid off. In opening Lighthouse Hair, Leesa and Kate have learnt not to worry about things that are outside of their control, and that no one is going to do the work for you. 

Great hair and happy clients aren’t the only things that matter to Kate and Leesa.

They are also passionate about and committed to the environment. Lighthouse Hair has partnered with Green Circle Salons, a company that recycles salon waste sustainably. All the foils, paper, excess colour, and plastics used at the salon are being responsibly recycled.

Lighthouse Hair is proud to be a Certified Sustainable Salon and would love to see all salons take this on. 

Leesa and Kate have 10+ years of experience that they bring to the table. 

Originally from Wales, Kate started an apprenticeship in 2008 and has been at it ever since. Now based in Canmore, Kate continues to find inspiration from entrepreneurs and salon owners like Jamie Sea, who also runs an education collective. Leesa moved to Banff in 2011 from Windsor, Ontario and has made Banff her home ever since. After giving her very first haircut when she was only 15, Leesa has been working in salons since and looks up to Calgary-local, Farhana Premji who owns The Beige Label

These ladies made sure to have a great team by their side through all this, and are excited to keep growing! 

Rounding out their team of hairstylists, Lighthouse Hair also has the brilliant minds of Tiffany Newbiggings and Felicia Roberts, with Karen greeting customers and keeping them organized at reception They also can’t be remiss not to mention their amazing sales rep Deandra. Kate and Leesa are excited to continue growing their team while providing a space for stylists and educators from around the world to come and learn.

Of course, having both been in the Bow Valley for the past decade, these two had their own local businesses to shout out! 

Kate and Leesa wanted to send some love to Natt Millar, reflexologist and reiki master, as well as past Local Love features Steph Wong from Wong Buddies and Salina McNamara Reimer from Banff Graze Co. They also called out Summit Lifestyle & Performance, Bow Valley Crossfit, and Remedy Skincare & Spa. Lighthouse Hair also partners regularly with Julia Joy Makeup Artistry

If they’re not walking their dogs or enjoying a cup of tea (for Kate) and coffee (for Leesa), you can find these amazing ladies at Lighthouse Hair making their clients shine. 

With their first anniversary coming up, make sure you’re following them on Instagram and Facebook to help Kate and Leesa celebrate their achievements! And, whether you’re looking for an end-of-summer refresh, a quick cut, or a full overhaul check out their services and book online!

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