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Welcome back to the Local Love Blog Series

We’re back with another great feature, this week on Michelle Brown, owner and operator of Root & Revive. Based in the Bow Valley, Root & Revive provides gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan protein balls that are entirely naturally sweetened. Catering to all lifestyles, Michelle wanted to create a product that met people where they’re at. 

At her core, Michelle wanted to ensure Root & Revive was inclusive to all lifestyles and bodies. 

She passionately believes that everyone deserves to be properly nourished with nothing but the best ingredients, regardless of their activity level or lifestyle. She’s created a product that can easily be brought to the office, eaten on a chairlift, or serve as a quick, on-the-go breakfast. 

Michelle’s protein balls can be catered to a wide variety of allergies, intolerances, and preferences. 

Root & Revive was born out of personal experience and requirements for healthyf snacks. Being gluten and lactose intolerant, Michelle was determined to create something that was tasty and filling. 

Michelle is also a passionate Bow Valley small business owner! 

Drawing inspiration from friends with growing small businesses, Michelle had a great example set for her. Along with knowing her products are helping her customers, Michelle finds a hard-earned and well-deserved sense of accomplishment in owning her business and building something she’s proud of. She loves the wide array of responsibilities that comes with being a small business owner, from running her social media to being in the kitchen, or connecting with local vendors and customers. 

Starting her own business had long been on the bucket list for Michelle. 

Root & Revive officially opened in May 2020 when Michelle secured a spot at the Banff Farmers Market. The pandemic had given her more time to focus on launching her small business, so with a strong foundation and lots of local support Michelle gave it her all. Connecting with the community, collaborating with others, creating a product she truly stands behind, and pushing herself to grow all keep her going today! 

Michelle has some big goals for Root & Revive to grow! 

Originally from Long Sault, Ontario and now based in Canmore, Michelle is eager to see her business grow. She is actively working towards expanding her product into the Calgary area and eventually throughout Alberta. The ultimate goal would be to see Root & Revive products available Canada-wide! 

Having received so much amazing support from the Bow Valley, Michelle jumped at the opportunity to share some of that love. 

Some of the amazing people who have had the biggest impact on her are Jim from Defending Awesome, Seb from Sebastian Willmer Photography, Kudzai from Trllflla Brand, and the folks at The Preachy Vegan Chef. She also deeply values the work of the amazing team at Rocky Mountain Adaptive and their great work towards creating incredible mountain experiences for those with disabilities. 

Michelle has gracefully handled the steep learning curve that all small business owners get to know. 

With amazing support from peers, Michelle truly believes that we’re better when working together. She’s been lucky to connect with amazing people, from customers to other business owners just happy to share their experiences. Michelle would love to see more opportunities be made available to small business owners throughout the Bow Valley. 

Root & Revive is an amazing reflection of Michelle’s hard work and dedication, and there is still so much to come! Make sure to be following along on Instagram and Facebook for the latest updates. You can also connect with Michelle at the Root & Revive website. And, next time you’re searching for the perfect snack or quick-and-easy breakfast option, make sure to check out Root & Revive

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