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This week I’m so excited to feature a bad-ass mountain mom with an incredible side-gig. Chelsea Lindsay, from Canmore Cookie Co., is the face behind the amazing custom cookies that fill your feed on the daily! 

With a mix of curiosity and knowing that there was something missing in the Canmore cookie game, Chelsea gave cookie-making a try! 

Chelsea carefully crafts her sugar cookies and tops them with royal icing that can be completely customized to any theme her client is looking for. This boutique Bow Valley offering is super unique and makes for the perfect companion for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and so much more! 

Hands down, Chelsea’s favourite part of the cookie-making process is the decorating. 

Once the less entertaining tasks of cookie baking and icing mixing are completed, she gets to focus on the decorating! With a blank cookie canvas in front of her (or rather more like a dozen blank canvases) she’s armed and ready to create her incredible cookie masterpiece. 

Inspired by The Crystal Cookie Jar, Chelsea knew she had to give it a try for her daughter’s birthday. 

Since then, she’s discovered the amazing community of “cookiers” from all around the world. A community that has been incredibly supportive of Chelsea, whenever she’s reached out to one of them or taken inspiration from. She also finds inspiration from her customers who will bring her party decorations or swatches of clothing to get her started. Cookie-ing, as Chelsea put it, gives her the creative outlet that she’s been missing throughout the past few busy years of parenthood and life in general. She now has a reason to set some time aside for herself to be alone with her thoughts to be peaceful and think of the smiles it brings to so many people. 

Canmore Cookie Co. launched officially in
late-February 2021, but Chelsea has been a longtime home-baker.

(Photo credit: Rebecca (Bexx) Ferri)

After a successful trial run with some perfect princess cookies for her daughter’s 4th birthday, Chelsea figured she’d keep going! She then tried out a Valentine’s Day themed batch which led her to think of making cookies for holidays and special events. After a few first orders from family and friends, as well as a hugely successful Easter Sale, Canmore Cookie Co. was off to a great start. 

Of course, the best part of Canmore Cookie Co. for Chelsea is getting to hear the feedback from her customers. 

Hearing the amazing feedback she’s received from customers is what keeps her going. She’s had amazing support from her friends, family, and community which helps her remember why she puts so much effort into each and every cookie. 

While she certainly could make this a full-time job, Chelsea likes the smaller, part-time aspect of her business. 

This isn’t to say she doesn’t absolutely love making and decorating cookies, but rather that she wants to make sure it stays that way. She has a vision of being the go-to business for custom decorated sugar cookies in the Bow Valley (which I would argue she’s well on her way to being!)

Born and raised in Regina, SK Chelsea has been in Canmore for 10+ years now, making her a certain local committed to her community. 

So I wasn’t surprised when she was armed with a list of local Bow Valley businesses and business owners she wanted to shout out! To start with a few amazing artisans, Chelsea wanted to bring attention to Melanie from Mountain Handmade, Darci from Kake by Darci, and artist/photographer Evgenii (Eugene) Kozhushko who also gets an extra special thank you for being the mastermind behind the Canmore Cookie Co. logo! 

She also couldn’t miss out on mentioning Mike Petroff, local singer/songwriter and Etienne from Stronghold Locksmith. And with an entirely appropriate amount of bias (in my opinion), Chelsea wanted to bring attention to her husband’s business, Ridgeline Guiding, where Pat has worked so incredibly hard at guiding ice climbing, rock climbing, and teaching courses. 

Chelsea has had to learn the hardest thing for a small business owner… 

The art of saying no.

Between a busy life of work, parenthood, and still making time to enjoy her coffee, fresh air and satisfying her sweet tooth, there just isn’t enough time in the day to fulfill every order! However, she’s eternally grateful to those who come back again and again with patience and continued eagerness to get their hands on some cookies. 

So, next time you’re looking for a sweet treat addition to your party, check out Clesea’s amazing work at Canmore Cookie Co. – you won’t be disappointed. Make sure to follow her on Instagram to stay up to date with her baking, or check out her Custom Cookie Order Form here.

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