Local Love Blog Series – WildHeart Shop & Studio

Welcome back to the Local Love Blog Series

This feature has been in the books for a long time and I’m so excited to finally share it with you! I have the pleasure of highlighting the amazing work being done by Emily Sudermann who wears three different hats at WildHeart Shop & Studio as co-owner, operator, and teacher. 

WildHeart is for anyone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously. 

Emily and the whole WildHeart team have created a safe space for anyone who walks through the door. They welcome anyone no matter their size, age, gender, or beliefs with open arms. Ensuring every single person feels welcome in their space is something that Emily puts a huge emphasis on. 

WildHeart offers a wide range of classes so finding the perfect one is bound to happen. 

They specialize in a variety of Barre and Yoga classes, offering everything from disco-themed workout party classes to relaxing candlelit Yin Yoga classes. That doesn’t even cover their private classes and party offerings, including team building and bachelorette-specific classes!

Emily has worked hard to make WildHeart feel like family. 

From feeling the support of her own family to building a team of teachers that feel like family, Emily hopes everyone who walks through the door gets the same feeling. The whole team has worked together to create an amazing WildHeart community where everyone is known by first name and amazing relationships are fostered. Long-lasting friendships are being built and their space is becoming a great place to connect with their buzzing community. 

There’s also one more family connection at WildHeart. 

Emily is lucky to have her sister-in-law, Aly Sudermann, as co-owner at WildHeart. The idea for WildHeart came when Emily and Aly attended a jam-packed yoga class where they felt anonymous amongst other students, crowded in the studio, and rushed to leave before the next class started. This experience left them knowing there had to be a better solution – the result is now a space where all types of people can enjoy a class together and feel important. Their inherently inclusive community and space allows for the “non-yogi” type student to feel fulfilled and welcome at any of their classes. 

March 2022 will mark WildHeart’s 5th birthday! 

Emily finished her teacher training in 2012 and had been thinking of opening her own studio ever since. Emily and Aly officially opened the studio doors in March 2017, however had been running pop-up classes since late-2016. Since COVID changed the way they could operate come early 2020, they have also created an amazing online studio which has been incredibly successful. Emily hopes to see it really take off, especially internationally. 

Emily had lots of love to dish out for other local businesses! 

When it comes to local artisans, Emily couldn’t miss mentioning contemporary painter Kerry Langlois, handmade jewellery from Beads & Babes, and Sam from The Wick’d Candles. She also loves these small, local businesses: Mountain Littles, Kova Homes, and Wild Life Distillery. The team at WildHeart is also lucky to have a great partnership with Lululemon Banff that they wanted to highlight! Lastly, as an animal lover, Emily wanted to shout out their support for the Bow Valley SPCA

Emily and the whole team at WildHeart have somehow navigated the challenges of COVID and it’s ever-changing restrictions with poise and grace. 

To top it all off, Emily welcomed a baby during the whole thing so to say the past couple of years have been a wild ride is an understatement! She’s so proud of their perseverance throughout the tough closures and changing restrictions. The people she’s met and the relationships built with all those amazing people make it all worthwhile! 

So as we start thinking of New Year’s Resolutions and what’s to come in 2022, check out WildHeart Shop & Studio. Their welcoming and non-intimidating environment might just be the slice of community and love that you’ve been searching for in these weird and constantly changing times. 

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