Local Love Blog Series – Matcha Nude

Welcome back to the Local Love Blog Series

I’m so looking forward to featuring Amelia Lehmann from Matcha Nude this week, who is responsible for bringing delicious Matcha tea and amazing Matcha products to the Bow Valley.

Amelia is a lover of the wilderness and passionate about creating an impact for women in the world. 

She hopes her products make their way into the hands of women who live with intentionality and those who love to take care of themselves on every level. Professionally, she looks up to Jaclyn and Robyn from For the Wild Femme and Stephanie Kamille from Medium in the Middle

Matcha Nude is Amelia’s reflection as a woman and the woman she aspires to continue being. 

She loves inspiring women around her all while building a beautiful life for herself. Matcha Nude offers Matcha Green Tea Powder and Matcha Facemasks with more to come in the New Year. Amelia has built an amazing community of inspiring women that are instrumental in the support and success of her business. 

Amelia started Matcha Nude at the end of 2020 and has loved the opportunity to work for herself. 

Born out of a need to stop drinking coffee and finding a great alternative in Matcha, Amelia was hard pressed to find it easily in the Bow Valley. This struck a chord and soon Matcha Nude was born. Like so many, COVID had created lots of job instability for her and there seemed to be no better time than now to start. A whole year later, Amelia keeps at it because it makes her soul happy to know Matcha Nude is all hers and built from nothing. 

Originally from Australia and now based in Banff, Amelia has big goals for Matcha Nude. 

She dreams of offering Matcha Nude products worldwide someday. Throughout the journey of opening Matcha Nude, she’s also learnt a few important lessons such as: Start before you’re ready and Done is better than perfect. Self-doubt has been a tough obstacle to overcome, but Amelia counters it with lots of meditation and journaling. 

Amelia also had her fair share of local businesses she wanted to shout out and support! 

She loves the stunning crystal-infused resin-poured charcuterie boards from Tom Riley Art, the beautiful woodwork of Corey Touchette, and the amazing oil painting of Marcos Molina. Amelia also loves the work being done by reiki healer Nat Millar, and the soothing practices at The Practice Yoga Studio

Amelia loves the freedom that opening Matcha Nude has allowed her. 

She lives her life very intuitively, letting herself flow through her days and seeing where the world takes her. Despite the unavoidable ups and downs, this past year has been overall amazing for Amelia and the first year of Matcha Nude. 

So next time you’re looking for an interesting gift or a little treat for yourself, take a peek at the great products being offered at Matcha Nude. Follow along on Instagram and Facebook to be the first to know about availability and new products! 

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