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Welcome back to the Local Love Blog Series!

We’re kicking off the New Year with a long-awaited feature highlighting the beautiful work of the wife and husband team, Kahli and Leo from Wild Alpine Image Co. 

Through Wild Alpine Image Co. Kahli and Leo offer local wedding photography, specializing in mountain-inspired celebrations including mountain engagements, heli-elopements, and traditional full-day weddings. The common thread between Kahli, Leo, and the couples they photograph is a sense of adventure. Even those celebrating with a more traditional wedding look to Leo and Kahli to capture their sense of adventure throughout their special day. 

High-quality, fine-art photography with true-to-life editing gives the most special moments a timeless look. 

With extensive (to say the least) knowledge of the Canadian Rockies, Kahli and Leo know where to be and when to be there to get the best shot for their clients. Fully prepared to walk as far as required to get the perfect shot, they are committed to always moving and searching to capture the next amazing moment. 

After more than a decade of travel for work and play in mountain towns around the world, Leo and Kahli have found themselves calling Canmore home. 

They are also no strangers to elopements, having eloped themselves by helicopter in New Zealand. Having arranged their elopement on their own and well before they decided to photograph weddings allows them now to connect with their couples on a different, far more personal level. 

Inspiration comes to Kahli and Leo from so many different avenues. 

Within the world of wedding photography, they have always looked up to Canmore-based Two Mann Studios. Largely considered amongst the best wedding photographers in the world, Kahli and Leo love how Erika and Lanny bring their appreciation for photography as art into each wedding they photograph. Personally, Leo and Kahli find most of their positive influences and inspiration from close friends, family (near and far), and each other.

Kahli and Leo are really the perfect pair in life and work.

While the way they see the world and their approach to problem-solving is different, they’ve found it is very complementary and managed to learn an incredible amount from each other. Their curiosity for seeing, experiencing, and capturing something new keeps them going. At the end of the day, they love working creatively together – something that other couples aren’t able to do but somehow Kahli and Leo do ever so seamlessly. 

Leo and Kahli take a wholesome approach to their work and life. 

Being mindful of keeping a healthy work-life balance, they limit the number of bookings each year to ensure they can always provide their top-level service to each couple. With travel opening up slowly again, they’ll focus some of their time on destination weddings, as well as continuing their wedding photography in the Canadian Rockies. 

Photography was always in the cards for Kahli, but not so much for Leo at first. 

Originally from Australia, Kahli studies film photography and graphic design in school before coming to Canada. Leo, originally from the UK, had no interest in photography – until he met Kahli. It wasn’t until Kahli was finally convinced to take on a friend’s wedding that Leo picked up the spare camera and snapped a few shots of his own. After this, capturing weddings together as a couple became the clear path to follow. 

It wasn’t until the pandemic that Kahli and Leo finally saw how they could make it work to do this together. 

Being forced to stay in one place allowed them the time to bring this vision to life. By August 2020, they had registered Wild Alpine Image Co. and were ready to go! Coming into 2022, they are already nearly fully booked for the coming summer and eager to see their couples! Fueled by  endless London Fogs, Chai Lattes, and a muffin or magic bar from Summit Cafe, Leo and Kahli are excited to keep working!

Having been part of the Bow Valley community now for such a long while, Kahli and Leo have their fair share of local love shout-outs to make! 

They love the work from local artisans like Salina from Banff Graze Co., Brad and Tanya from Canmore Pie & Sell, and Darci from Kake by Darci. As mentioned, they love and find inspiration from Erika and Lanny at Two Mann Studios. They also love the work being done at the Bow Valley SPCA, Mountain Beauties, and Valbella Gourmet Foods.

Wild Alpine Image Co. is the by-product of the journey Kahli and Leo have been on working all around the world. 

They have brought their incredible work ethic, the life lessons learned along the way, and their passion for creating amazing art in their photography to create what Wild Alpine Image Co. is today. They would love to see more people take the time for a walk outside, which is the only thing Leo and Kahli need for themselves every day! They are also eager to see continued and increased protection and care for outdoor spaces in the Bow Valley (and everywhere)! 

So if 2022 is the year where life will lead you down the aisle or onto one knee, be sure to check out Wild Alpine Image Co. Committed to capturing the adventure and love in your relationship, Kahli and Leo are ready for anything when it comes to capturing those moments!  Don’t forget to follow them on Instagram and Facebook for updates and jaw-dropping photography! 

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