Local Love Blog Series – Mountain Fabrics

Welcome back to the Local Love Blog Series! I’m so excited to feature Paige Gumersell from Mountain Fabrics this week! 

Paige describes herself as a traveler who wants to create beautiful pieces. 

Through Mountain Fabrics, Paige uses sustainable, donated, and recycled fabrics to make scrunchies, headscarves, and dog bandanas. Inspired by finding new fabrics, Paige creates for those who love beautiful fabrics and unique pieces. 

Paige’s love of thrift shopping developed into her very own small business. 

Using sustainable fabrics found locally in the Bow Valley, all of Paige’s products are truly local. Her love for thrift shopping and finding amazing fabrics started as a hobby turning those fabrics into scrunchies for friends and family. Soon enough, she was hooked and kept searching for more fabrics to create new products. 

Paige currently sells her products in stores locally around the Bow Valley. 

Handing over her unique products and seeing the reactions of store owners and customers is so rewarding. Met with lots of support and love for the product, Paige hopes to be able to sell her products online soon. She would also like to get into alterations for thrifted clothing and embroidery. 

Paige’s sewing skills have come a long time since she first started. 

Having completed a Fashion Design and Textile certificate when she was only 18, Paige used her mother’s old sewing machine to complete her sewing course. 

Starting originally at local markets, Paige now sells her products on Instagram as well. 

She started with selling her macrame at the Canmore Mountain Market, and eventually added scrunchies to her lineup. When people started seeing her scrunchies being sold at the market, they gained popularity with locals and hairdressers in town. Eventually this led to Paige starting up Mountain Fabrics on Instagram and selling her products at both markets and around town. 

Originally from Perth, Australia but now based locally in Canmore, Paige has had the chance to partner and support lots of other local businesses. 

She wanted to be sure to shout out amazing local artisans like Joelle from Joelle Design Co., Sherry from Sheramic, and Krista from Triptych Designs Ltd. Paige also loves the work being done by Nikki with nak.creative, Jade with Project A Shop and Dukes from Cougar Brows

Similar to others, Paige started Mountain Fabrics during the downtime felt by many throughout COVID. 

During this time, she’s learned that you can’t please everyone and not to compare herself to others. Paige has had amazing support from the local community and would love to see those in the Bow Valley continue to support and shop locally as much as possible. 

If you’re looking for some unique pieces to add to your accessories, be sure to check out Mountain Fabrics on Instagram, and when the market season comes back around this summer, be sure to find her there! If you’re in town, make sure to find some Mountain Fabrics at these locations: Wildheart Shop & Studio, Hillary and Co. Hair Salon (Kendra Hair Studio), Lighthouse Hair, and Rockies Rentals.

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