Local Love Blog Series – Bow Valley Brass

Welcome back to the Local Love Blog Series!

After an unexpected pause, I’m so excited to be back this week to feature small business owner Cassidy Joyes from Bow Valley Brass

Cassidy has been making high-quality pet tags and keychains from solid brass and nickel in a variety of shapes and sizes. Each tag is entirely unique including some favourite Bow Valley local mountain ranges such as the Three Sisters and Mount Rundle. Hand stamped tags create a deep, long-lasting impression that’s more durable than engraved tags, and gives an entirely unique tag you won’t find anywhere else. 

Targeting tree-huggers, mountain-adventurers, and pet-lovers, Cassidy’s art stays with her customers for the long run. 

Although the tags are perfect for your best fur friend, they can also help the clumsiest of souls who constantly lose their keys. Each tag is made to order and provides detail customization to make it perfect for just about anyone. 

After an unexpected Cassidy loves how her business has brought her closer to the Bow Valley Community.

Originally coming from small-town Ontario, Cassidy moved to Banff 8 years ago and now calls Dead Man’s Flats home with her partner and feline friend. She describes the Bow Valley as a kind, generous, and welcoming place.. Not only does Bow Valley Brass allow her to meet new locals that she may not have otherwise met, she often gets to say hi to their pups too! 

Like many others, Cassidy’s tag-making business started during the extended time spent at home at the beginning of the pandemic. 

The uncertainty of the times led her to use her creativity and build something that she had full control over. While she thought of what the Bow Valley was missing and where that crossed over with her interests, stamping metal came up as the perfect combination. 

Cassidy loves taking inspiration from our amazing surroundings to create unique designs. 

She loves the opportunity to be creative and put together endless possibilities for tag designs. She strives to evoke the feeling of being surrounded by the Canadian Rockies and nature in her pieces. Cassidy’s deep love of hiking helps her keep exploring the amazing outdoors and bring that inspiration back home. 

Cassidy has big hopes and dreams for Bow Valley Brass. 

While Cassidy’s tag are an obvious hit for pet owners as identification tags, Cassidy hopes to be able to have her pet tags for sale at pet supply shops and groomers across local mountain towns. She’d also love to partner with local dog-walking or dog-sledding companies, as well as seeing where her tags could go outside of the pet-focused customer. 

The Bow Valley community has become home for Cassidy.

Cassidy’s time in the Bow Valley has led to lots of great connections and she has her own shout outs to make. She loves the work of Valerie Rose with Mountain Hoya who shares her knowledge of Hoya plants with the Bow Valley. Cassidy is also a big believer in acupuncture and self-care, for which she visits Sara Salzgeber Jones to help her feel her best. 

In the past year, Cassidy has learned so much about running her own small business. 

Most importantly, she’s learned to take the approach of lifelong learning when it comes to her work. Being open to feedback and different ways of doing things allows her to welcome change with ease and see things from a different perspective. Included in her learning curve was creating her own website to begin taking online orders! 

Cassidy’s positivity and optimism is a refreshing change of pace these days. 

She’s grateful for everything her small business has brought her so far and has big dreams for it in the future. She is passionate about her community and loves to connect with her surroundings. Hopeful to see more empathy and compassion in the face of adversity and uncertainty, Cassidy sees a world where we lift each other up and embrace differences. 

So, next time you’re looking for the perfect handmade, local gift for the pet-lover or keychain enthusiast in your life, check out Bow Valley Brass. You can see design options and order online through the Bow Valley Brass website, and definitely be sure to follow her on Instagram to stay caught up on her latest designs! 

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