Local Love Blog Series – Craig’s Way Station

Welcome back to the Local Love Blog Series!

I’m so excited to share this week’s feature on Nicole Craig, Michele Craig, and Dan Blanchard from a local Canmore institution, Craig’s Way Station.

This trio are Canmore locals, community members, parents, and breakfast lovers!

Craig’s Way Station is a staple in the Canmore community! As a family diner, Craigs is the perfect place to enjoy a Traditional Canadian Breakfast, a classic burger or an awesome sandwich. I can even attest to having skipped a couple classes in high school to get a sneaky hangover breakfast or two… but don’t tell!

For Nicole, Michele and Dan this is more than just a restaurant.

They are an integral part of our community and work hard at continuing the legacy built by their father and uncles who owned and operated Craigs for nearly 40 years! After having started off working in local restaurants in the 70’s, they eventually opened Craig’s Way Station in 1983 which in turn led to more locations opened throughout Alberta.

The great view they have from the restaurant windows are second to none!

What keeps them going is serving the local community, their incredible long-term staff, and their customers, local and visitors alike. They’re passionate about keeping a piece of authentic Canmore alive while offering their customers an affordable and delicious meal.

Nicole, Michele and Dan took over the restaurant recently from their father and uncles.

With the property Craig’s currently sits on soon to be redeveloped, they are hoping to be able to find a new location for Craigs in the next couple of years. Determined to take over from the older generation when they decided to retire, these three are eager to continue running the family business and be a key part of our community.

With such a rich history in the Bow Valley community, they had lots of Local Love to share!

Their shout-outs starts with mentioning Tiffany from Wonderland Jewelry, artist Chrissy Nickerson, and Francis Savage. They also have lots of respect and admiration for the work being done at the Rocky Mountain Bagel Co., the Canmore Fishing Adventures, and Heart Mountain Store and the Heart Rock Cafe in Exshaw. Along with Canmore Fishing Adventures, Craig’s has a great partnership with Cabin Contracting. As parents themselves, they also have lots of love for the Canmore Preschool.

Having been in the family business for such a long time Nicole, Michele and Dan have been lucky to learn lots of important lessons.

This includes being trusting, having flexibility and going through life with gratitude. They’re especially grateful for having been able to lease the restaurant space again after the property was sold recently. It is tough knowing that their time is limited in that space, but they’re hopeful to find another location in Canmore to continue offering their delicious meals to the community.

As for many others, the past couple of years have been a tough go.

They are looking forward to getting back to the community connection that we’ve all been missing for such a long time. Part of what they love about their restaurant is seeing friends and family gather together over delicious food in a cozy environment and enjoy each other’s company! So next time you’re looking for a nice spot for brunch or a delicious burger, grab your best buds and make your way to Craig’s Way Station. Make sure to follow them on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date on all the latest news!

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