Local Love Blog Series –
Canmore Pie & Sell

We’re back with another delicious installment of the Local Love Blog Series, this time featuring Tanya Masters from Canmore Pie & Sell

Tanya and her partner Brad have an all-too-familiar story of coming to the Bow Valley in 2012 for a winter of instructing snowboarding, and next thing you know it’s 9 years later and they haven’t left. Lucky for us, this means we now get to indulge in Tanya’s classic ‘British’ meat pies. 

Staying true to her British roots has been working for Canmore Pie & Sell.

Sticking to two classic filling options gives Brits a nostalgic taste of home, while sharing the real British meat pie experience for others. Currently, you can get Peppered Steak & Mushroom in Onion Gravy or Potato, Leek & Mature Cheddar pies. While Tanya definitely receives requests for different types of fillings, such as pot pies or Aussie classics, she hasn’t strayed just yet but hasn’t written off the idea yet! 

Luckily, Tanya had some help from other local businesses when she first got started. 

She’d long admired the set up at Frankie D’s Donuts, so reached out for some advice. With their help and support, these ladies put Tanya in touch with Yuka from Yowza Kitchen. Yuka has been helping small start-ups by renting kitchen space for business owners to create their own goodies! 

Ever since she arrived in the Bow Valley, Tanya has been making her own pastry and pies. 

Since the only option for pre-made pastry in stores was canola oil based, Tanya started making her own pastry to achieve the same texture and taste that she was craving.

The more she made her own pies, the more her friends were requesting them for each group dinner. They even started wanting extra pies to bring home with them and was often told she could easily sell them! 

And with that, Canmore Pie & Sell was born in January 2021! 

Drawing inspiration for the fillings from her nan’s cooking and cozy pub dinners, Tanya’s favourite part of making pies is the taste testing! The feedback Tanya’s received has been nothing short of amazing and hearing how much people are enjoying the pies is what keeps her going. 

While she’s not making pies, Tanya is keeping busy with offering personal services and as a Shred Sisters mountain bike coach.

Her main job as a cosmetic tattoo artists and esthetician has been limited due to the pandemic for the past year, which was difficult but also allowed the time to really dive into opening Canmore Pie & Sell.  She loved learning how to run her business, focusing her time on the red-tape tasks that had always seemed daunting. Tanya is now looking for options of stocking frozen pies with different retailers so that her customers can have access to delicious pies at their convenience. 

Hopeful that she’ll soon be able to see some family in the UK and New Zealand, Tanya is staying positive about things reopening. 

The past year has been tough, with the Loft Beard & Beauty Lounge closing three times due to COVID restrictions. Constantly adjusting to new restrictions, loss of income, interrupted routines, and less social time with friends and family has taught Tanya to embrace what comes from being forced to take some time off in a place as beautiful as the Bow Valley.

We asked Tanya who else she thought was doing great work in the Bow Valley…

And, as a new local business, Tanya had so many businesses she wanted to shout out! In addition to the three mentioned above, Tanya wanted to shed some light on Mountain Fabrics and Sheepdog Brewing, as well as past Local Love Feature The Wick’d Candles and future Local Love Feature Project A Shop! She also had some strong opinions about finding the best pizza in town at the Stewart Creek Golf Club, promising to start a petition if it’s not on the menu for this summer!

But the real person she wanted to make sure got credit for helping every step of the way was her partner Brad. 

Brad has been there behind the scenes encouraging her along, crunching numbers, spreading the word, listening to all her crazy ideas and brainstorming to make them a reality. He’s even stepped up to learn the pie making process! 

Despite working to overcome the internal voice of self-doubt…

Tanya has proven to herself and everyone around her what a success Canmore Pie & Sell can be! Since opening, she’s learnt to stay true to her vision especially when there is limited time and resources available at the beginning. She knows the importance of staying excited to bake, and so prioritizes not running herself too ragged trying to do too much!

So, until we can find Tanya’s pies in a store, she’ll keep focusing on the direct-to-customer deliveries so be sure to keep an eye on her Instagram, where batch releases are announced, and orders can be placed! 

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