Local Love Blog Series – Glowfood Creamery

Welcome back to the Local Love Blog Series

It’s been so much fun learning about everything being done behind the scenes at Glowfood Creamery, as Julie Kapuscinski works hard to create amazing dairy-free cheese options and so much more! 

Anyone who loves good food and isn’t allergic to nuts is sure to love Julie’s products! 

Glowfood Creamery currently offers three different flavours of plant-based cheese, as well as cashew sour cream. Julie also makes a face oil that is now being used during treatments and can be purchased at Remedy Skincare & Spa (a past Local Love feature). Over the holidays, Julie often adds a few more products such as cheese board kits that include specialty reductions, various crudites, and gluten-free crackers – stay tuned on her social channels for updates about what will be included in her holiday offerings this year!

The experimentation and coming up with new recipes are what keep Julie motivated to continue creating. 

Using only the best ingredients available, Julie’s products are the result of many years of trial and error, late nights testing ideas, and an undeniable curiosity to keep trying new recipes and modifications. Julie is also incredibly grateful for all the customers who can’t seem to get enough! 

Julie really sees Glowfood as an extension of herself! 

Julie is a cheesemaker, plant eater, and graphic designer. She’s also a loving partner to her personal source of inspiration, Michael, and a best friend to three furry companions – an adorable Whippet named Bertram and two felines, an orange cat named Gus, and a grey cat named Steve. Without trying, Julie has set herself apart from others just by being naturally different from anyone else. Everything about Glowfood, from the branding to the flavours, is a direct reflection of who Julie is. 

Glowfood first started at the Banff Farmers Market in 2013, but the concept for the business started well before then. 

A dozen years ago or so, Julie discovered that she suffered from several food intolerances which explained why she never felt her best. As a result, she switched to a vegan and gluten-free diet which led her down the path of raw food and fermentation which immediately caught her attention. Since her first market in 2013, Julie has evolved in the products that she sold to get to her current offerings today. She has experimented with stone-ground chocolate bars, lunch wraps, desserts, ice cream, cheesecakes – all raw, vegan, and gluten-free. She also tested a whole line of natural skin care products which has now been focused on the most popular items that made sense to continue offering to her customers. 

Julie finds inspiration from traveling and brings that back to her kitchen. 

Getting to see what other people are up to, tasting new foods, and witnessing the creativity abounding from others sparks tons of ideas for Julie. Undeniably, the passion people have for their craft is always intoxicating and infectious, in the best way possible. 

Julie has a big vision for what Glowfood can become! 

From her very first cheese in 2011, Julie believes that the business she runs today has real potential in the larger market. Her current cheeses and sour cream are unique, and she would love to see them distributed throughout Canada and into the United States. She knew she had something special when customers would be seeking out more products after the market season was over. Julie started selling her cheeses to Nourish Bistro in Banff, and soon her customers caught on. This excitement from her customers helps Julie believe in her products and she knows now that this can really go a long way! 

Originally from Newcastle, Ontario, Julie has been in Banff for over 22 years and so has plenty of local shout-outs to make! 

Starting with some amazing local artisans, Julie wanted to shine a light on Mystee Maisonet from Om Cooking, amazing artist and Julie’s partner Michael Corner, and Gareth Paget from Loose Clothing Company & Loose Visuals. She also loves the work being done at B-Towne Salon, Remedy Skincare & Spa, and Jolene’s Tea House. She also wanted to highlight some of Glowfood’s regular partnerships with Tania and Keven from Charcuterie Vegan Deli, as well as more local businesses including Banff Gift Baskets, Banff Graze Co., Matcha Nude, and Tom Riley Art. Last but certainly not least, it should come as no surprise that Julie supports the Bow Valley SPCA, having rescued a few of her own pets from there! As an extra mention, Julie wanted to shout out The Alice Sanctuary, where farm animals are given the second chance they most certainly deserve.

Julie still works on finding a work-life balance, but her love for Glowfood is never waning. 

Learning that she can’t say yes to every opportunity has been a hard one to achieve, but now she knows the importance of taking care of herself first so that she can be the best version of herself for others. With some exciting things coming down the pipe, Julie is looking forward to the continuing evolution of Glowfood! Make sure to visit her website online to see what she’s up to, as well as follow her on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated on all the latest news, including an exciting new re-brand of her face oil coming soon (extra shout out to Tahlia Reid of Reid Design for the fabulous new branding)! 

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